Founded in 2018

Two friends, Hayley and Jon from the south coast have a shared passion for natural health and wellbeing.

Both found great personal benefit with CBD and are pleased to share CANNADOX Premium Strength CBD with you.

Why CANNADOX is different

We maintain the highest code of ethics to bring the benefits of premium quality and high strength CBD to the UK.

Traceable from seed to shelf – CANNADOX CBD is sourced from European Approved Cannabis Sativa L. grown organically

by licensed, natural and sustainable farming practices.

We work closely with UK licensed chemists to give you exceptional quality and the highest concentrations

of whole plant extract CBD made right here in the UK.

This allows us to give you 20%, 30% and 40% strengths with 100% organic hemp seed oil as our carrier.

We provide all of this, whilst keeping the THC below 0.2% as per UK guidelines

recommended by the MHRA, FSA and Europe’s largest cannabis trade organisation,

the UK Cannabis Trades Association to give you exceptional quality and the highest concentrations of whole plant extract CBD.

We are transparent about our products, which are third party lab tested and reliable – Referenced in our Lab Reports.

This provides confidence that we are the UK’s premier provider of premium quality and high strength CBD.

We care greatly for our ever growing CANNADOX Community – We have a shared interest in the benefits of CBD

and welcome your stories about your CANNADOX journey.

So, whether you’re a long-time CBD advocate or you’re discovering its benefits for the first time –

CANNADOX is natural well-being at your fingertips.


Our Values

We love CBD and believe in the power of plants and nature.

That is why it is important to us that we protect the environment.

That’s why our products are all about being eco-friendly.

The Cannabis Sativa L. is sourced from licensed, natural and sustainable European Cannabis farms.

It is important to CANNADOX that as a business we do not impact our environment.

Packaging is kept to a minimum, recyclable and made from recycled materials where possible.

These Hemp farms also assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions.