I’m Hayley


I thought living in a state of permanent anxiety

was my default setting. 


A new mum, who returned to a demanding job,

a home to run and all the life admin

that goes with hectic modern life. 


Running at 100mph was what I did to keep up with it all. 


I felt like a passenger in my own life.

BURNOUT hit me at age 32.


After years of self-neglect – It was time to become the master of my own well-being. 


Anti-depressants had me functioning again, but I felt numb.

I wasn’t the wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend I recognised.

I was now just a shell of my former self.


Therapy made me aware that I had endured panic attacks most of my life.

Unbeknown to me, I suffered through the pain in my throat and chest, struggling to breathe.

Consumed by anxiety and fear of something being wrong with me.


Being a mother, my priorities had changed.

A shift had happened. I needed to take the pressure off.

Ease off the demands I put on myself and look after ME!


I wanted to maintain the wellness I had found but without the long term need for the prescribed medications.


I’d seen those lurid ads and flashy banners peddling natural products as a cure for all ailments.

It was a minefield – I didn’t know who and what to trust!


So, I founded CANNADOX in 2018.


My passion for a powerful plant full of potential grew.


From giving me a restful nights sleep to easing pain, keeping me calm and in control of my wellbeing.


It has changed my lifeI hope it helps you too!