• Keep the bottle upright
  • Close the bottle tightly
  • Never pass the pipette along the edge of the bottle lid
  • Ensure no oil enters the threads of the bottle
  • Avoid big changes in temperature
  • Take care transporting the bottle

Passing the pipette along the edge of the bottle lid will lubricate it with oil. This oil will then enter the cap and cause the lid to loosen itself over time and leaks to occur.

The moment you notice any oil on or around the outside of the bottle, it is important to clean it immediately. Otherwise, the oil will spread and the bottle will become sticky and dirty. Just a drop or two is sufficient for staining an entire label.

Our 10ml dropper bottles are UV resistant. UV light has an adverse effect on CBD oil. Therefore, we recommend you store the bottle in a kitchen/bathroom cupboard, where the oil is not in (constant) contact with UV rays.